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Missouri Giant Currant

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Ribes odoratum 'Missouri Giant'

Black currants are prohibited to DE, ME, NC, NJ, WV, VA, MA, & RI. Permit required for MI

Commonly called the "clove currant" due to the lovely scent of its vivid yellow spring flowers. The Ribes odoratum group are the most ornamental and the sweetest in flavor of all the black currants. It has deliciously clove-scented, yellow flowers early in Spring on a spreading 4-5' bush. It makes a beautiful edible hedge when planted in a row, as the gooseberry-shaped leaves turn brilliant red and yellow in the late summer and fall. The fruit is large for a currant and round; it's also borne singly and not in clusters. It has a nice sweet flavor without the dusky black currant aftertaste. It makes a milder jam, syrup or raisin than other black currants. Choose another Ribes odoratum variety, like Crandall, as a pollination partner to increase the yield from both varieties!

Black currants have outstanding health benefits, including high Vitamin C content, up to 5 times that of oranges by weight. They have twice the potassium of bananas and twice the antioxidants of blueberries. The antioxidants, essential fatty acids and potassium in black currants have anti- inflammatory impact, reducing the effects of arthritis. Its antioxidant action has been shown to help prevent cancer. The strong flavor of Black Currants is highly prized in Europe, even fresh, but most Americans prefer them made into jam, syrup or dried as raisins. Partially self fertile plants produce best with another variety for cross-pollination. Bushes will grow to 4-5’ tall. We offer well rooted 1-year bushes. Hardy to USDA Zone 3. 

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Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Is this variety rust resistant?

    It is resistant, but not immune.

  • Will a WA native red flowering currant provide any cross-pollination?

    No, this is a Ribes oderatum, a related but not compatible species. Crandall black currant is a better choice.

  • Is there a particular variety you recommend for the best pollinator? Thanks!

    Crandall is best, but any Ribes odoratum would work.

  • Will you sell bare root?

    We only have them potted at this time.

  • Do I need two of this variety for pollination?

    You will benefit from another Ribes odoratum, like the Crandall.

  • Why are some varieties of currants STILL prohibited in VA, since they were supposedly linked to Chestnut Blight and all of our native chestnut trees are long dead?

    It's White Pine Blister Rust that is the disease currants are carriers for. Contact your local AG department for a region specific explination. Currants are unrelated to Chestnut blight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Remington H.
Missouri Currant

They are planted and flourishing. Looking forward to a first time harvest.

Robert E.
Arrived in perfect condition

Got it planted safely. Lets hope the deer don't eat it !

Nice plant.

I ordered one Missouri Giant currant as a partner for my Crandall currant. I ordered this in the early spring, well before planting time. The plant was delivered in early May, perfect for planting time in my zone, and was very well packaged and in great condition upon delivery. It is a potted plant that still has green leaves and is flowering. :-)
I cannot speak to how well it transplanted into it's new home yet but I am well pleased with what I received.


Nice size well packsged