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In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.
In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.

Mount Royal European Plum

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Prunus domestica 'Mount Royal'

Every August, a huge crop of delicious plums ripen in abundant clusters on this hardy, European plum tree. The medium size, round, freestone blue plums with yellow flesh are excellent for fresh eating, canning, drying or freezing. Mount Royal is a self-fertile tree, developed in Quebec prior to 1903.

Easily one of the hardiest and most widely adapted of the tested European plums, Mount Royal bears a heavy annual crop.

USDA Zone: 4-8

Grow Height:  12' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: Marianna 2624

Read our Plum Growing Guide

Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • What size of the tree I will receive?

    Most of our European plums will be shipped at 3'-4' tall.

  • Will the Mount Royal pollinate a Seneca?


  • Can this variety tolerate alkaline soil? And is Stanley a good pollinator tree for it?

    The rootstock is tolerant, but not happy, in alkaline soils. Consider a regular soil ammendment to keep it happy. Stanley is a good pollinizer yes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cory S.
Mount Royal Plum

The tree arrived quickly considering how far it had to travel. It seems to be in good shape. No broken branches and the roots were moist and seemed to be good shape. I followed the planting directions and am waiting for the first leaves.

Charlotte C.
beautiful, strong tree

I was gifted two plums (from somewhere else), and I purchased a Raintree Mt Royal to cross-pollinate with them. The Mt Royal was in AMAZING condition: it quite literally had a dozen strong, healthy branches off of a straight, stout trunk (1+" thick above the graft). It's been in the ground for a few months now and is thriving.

Anne A.
Excellent quality, awesome roots

I have 2 already in my garden and they are doing very well in zone 4. Ordered 3 more and they arrived in a couple days after in excellent condition. So pleased.

morena q.
Royal Mount Plum

Plant arrived in perfect condition, very nice roots and healthy looking plant, it was put in the ground immediately, and pruned. I have very little space so I am following the Ann Ralph method of pruning. Can't wait to see it flower and leaf out.

Beautiful bare root tree!

The Mount Royal Plum tree I ordered from RainTree nursery arrived with a good root system and many branches. It's been in the ground for a few months now and all of the branches have tons of small leaves on them. I ordered a peach tree from a different nursery because RainTree was out of stock and it was a sad disappointment. That one had a tiny root system and only three branches. The peach took much longer to leaf out and each branch only had a few leaves on it whereas the plum from raintree has too many leaves to count. It really is a night and day difference. It's a clear choice for who to order from in future years. Thank you RainTree for providing such a good quality bare root tree!