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Nanking Cherry

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Prunus tomentosa

Hardy to -40F! Harvest an abundance of flavorful, tart cherry-like fruit in early summer, from beautiful dwarf trees. These seedlings will grow into wide, bushy 10-12 foot tall trees or can be planted 4-5 foot apart to make an edible hedge. The 1/2 inch fruit can be eaten fresh or used in pies or jelly. This cherry relative is native to central Asia and is a popular fruiting plant in Russia.

Exceptionally cold-tolerant and widely adapted, it is also tolerant of drought and needs a well-drained soil. Plant two seedlings for pollination.

USDA Zone: 3-8

Grow Height: 10'

Ripening Time: July

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Need at least 2 seedlings

Size: 12-24" Plant


Ask a Question
  • Hi! Can it grow in a container? Thanks!

    It can for a time, but it will need pruned and eventually repotted

  • I ordered 7 Nanking Cherry plants. Will they come bare-root or in a pot?

    Our current stock of Nanking Cherry is bareroot.

  • How many chill hours are required for these to fruit?

    800+ chill hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matthew R.
Excellent Health

These arrived with branches full of healthy green leaves and plenty of roots! They have been settling in happily for two weeks now and looking great.

Mary S.
They were by far the tiniest plants I have ever purchased and I am sad that they looked so doubtful

Plants were very tiny bear root
I soaked it in water the roots and planted it in a pot the day it was picked up by a friend
And I checked it today 2 weeks after planted in pot and one of the two plants don’t look alive at the very least
One looks like it might live. I purchased 2 Since it said it needs 2 to fruit well.
But apparently one is not going to make it
I hope your nursery stands behind the viability of your plants
Hard to say how healthy a plant is when we buy bare root.

Ruth M.
Nanking cherry

Plants were smaller than expected and shipped bare root later than the optimal time to plant in Mississippi. Some had started to leaf out and we had a frost a couple days after planting. Optimal time for bare root fruit plantings here is fall, not late winter/early spring. I planted them as directed, hoping for the best and hoping not to have to return due to failure to survive.