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Navezhenskaya Mt. Ash

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Sorbus acuparia edulis 'Navezhenskaya'

We obtained this variety from St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a beautiful, colorful tree that can grow to about 25' tall, displaying an oval form when young that opens and spreads with age. This variety produces thousands of dainty, white flower clusters each spring, and a profusion of small red fruit (somewhat larger than the unimproved species), lasting from summer to fall, that are used to make jelly and sauces. Is also valued as a food source for migratory birds and as a rich source of pollen for insects.

A hardy, rugged and widely-adapted tree, it thrives in many different soils and aspects. USDA Zones 3-9

Size: 1'-2' Tree


Ask a Question
  • Are the mountain ash susceptible to the emerald ash bore?

    Emerald ash borer attacks exclusively Fraxinus species, "true" Ash, and does not infest Sorbus species which is Mountain Ash.

  • do you sell the mountain ash bareroot or in container?

    Bareroot only :)

  • Where is the best place to plant this? Full sun? Partial shade? What about water requirements?

    Full sun. Mountain ash, like all trees, need a steady water supply to get established, but are pretty independant once that's done.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karl A.
Our trees arrived nicely

We are looking forward to see the results after these grow out in a few years

Kristian W.

My tree arrived today and was really impressed with the packing job and such a beautiful healthy tree. I grow many variety's of Mountain Ash and I am excited to see how this variety turns out. Very Happy!