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Order now to reserve your spring plants for 2024.

Necta Zee Nectarine

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Prunus persica var. nectarina 'Necta Zee'

Bred in California, nectarine 'Necta Zee' is a genetically dwarf variety, making it ideal for growing in containers! The delicious crop of nectarines can be harvested in August from an attractive 'mop head' of branches. Enjoy the exquisitely flavored, yellow-fleshed, red-skinned fruits on this beautiful, freestone, dwarf nectarine tree. It will grow to about 5' tall and wide. On Lovell rootstock.

USDA Zone: 6-9

Grow Height:  5' (Mini Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Read our Nectarine Growing Guide

Size Options: Mini-Dwarf (2'-3')


Ask a Question
  • Are any of these Nectarines "Peach Leaf Curl" resistant?

    Not at all! You will need to spray or shelter them to grow them without leaf curl disease.

  • Is it too late to plant this tree in Arizona (may/june) since temps are in 90s-100s or would next year (feb/march) be safer?

    Yes that is too late. Planting in the spring is much safer and easier.

  • With regards to chilling hours, will this tree grow successfully in Southwestern Arizona (specifically Sierra Vista, AZ)?

    Necatzee needs 400 plus chilling hours. You would need to contact your local agriculture department to get the chilling hours for your area.

  • Does this tree require hours of cold stratification to fruit?

    Nectazee required 400+ chill hours to flower and fruit.

  • Is this tree self-pollinating?

    Yes this tree is self fertile.

  • How many chill hours?

    400+chilling hours - making them a great option in most of the United States.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gabriel M.
doing great 4 years later

I live in seattle, and, with a couple properly timed copper fungicide applications, my tree is doing great. The fruit is delicious, and the tree has stayed quite small, 4ft tall and 4-5ft wide depending on if its bearing fruit. It hasnt needed any watering since 2019

Tho T.
Zee nectarine

Very good!thanks so much

Paul S.
Necta Zee

I bought a tree from Costco a week prior to my raintree order arriving. The roots were murdered, murdered! My necta zee arrived from raintree and I saw what a professional nursery is. Those were roots. Thanks for the great tree!

Lewis C.
Snowy pick up

The crew at Raintree were kind and helped our pickup goes smoothly even though there was snow on the ground. Our nectarine tree is much more mature than expected (over half its end height) and we’ll branched. We are looking forward to a lively spring.

Krisantia R.
Beyond expectations

I m a master gardener in Central NJ. This tree has exceeded my expectations and surprises many people. I posted pictures of it on a gardening group I belong to, a year after I planted it (spring 2020) with fruits hidden under the leaves, yet the tree is not even 4 feet tall (It is now July 2021). It is so short that I had a hard time taking pictures of the fruits that are very well hidden under the leaves. It is practically problem free in zone 7a. The only things I did to it is spraying it with dormant oil in March when leaves started to emerge and then put a net on it to protect the fruits from squirrels. And yes, I fertilized it with fertilizer spikes in spring this year. I m still waiting for the fruits to ripen.
So, Raintree, if you notice increased orders on this tree from customers in Central NJ, it might be because of my posting. I have recommended it and your nursery to many people.

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