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Nectar Babe Miniature Nectarine

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Introducing the Nectar Babe Miniature Nectarine, a true marvel of nature's sweetest bounty. This delightful fruit is a miniature version of the classic nectarine, packed with all the juicy goodness and bursting flavors you would expect from its larger counterpart.

The Nectar Babe Miniature Nectarine is renowned for its small size, making it the perfect snack for those looking to satisfy their sweet cravings on the go. Its petite dimensions make it easy to hold and enjoy, whether you're indulging in a midday treat or packing it in your lunchbox for a refreshing burst of flavor.

Don't let its size fool you, though! These miniature nectarines are big on taste. Each bite unveils a succulent, velvety flesh that is incredibly juicy and tender. The Nectar Babe Miniature Nectarine boasts a vibrant, sunset-like hue on its skin, enticing you with its visual appeal before you even take a bite.

With each taste, your palate will be enveloped in a symphony of sweet and tangy notes, leaving a lingering, delectable sensation. The fruit's natural sugars are perfectly balanced, creating a harmonious blend that will surely satisfy your taste buds without overwhelming them.

Low chill - only 500 hours needed.

Rootstock: Nemaguard


Size: Semi-Dwarf


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  • What is the hardiness zone compatibility for Nectar Babe?

    USDA Zone 5

  • Mature height. Okay for 30 gallon pots?

    Yes, it should be fine in a 30 dry gallon container. A half wine barrel is 27 dry gallons for reference.

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