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Neptune Seedless Grape (Non-Certified)

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Prohibited to CA, OR, ID and NY

Vitis labrusca x vinifera 'Neptune'

Enjoy large, glamorous clusters of oval, seedless grapes with a deliciously sweet, crunchy, fruity flavor. Each individual Neptune grape is king-sized! Neptune thrives in most of the nation including the Pacific NW, although it really shines in the humid heat of Southern locations. It is non-slipskin, has a moderate growth habit, resists cracking and shows some resistance to rot, mildew and anthracnose. From the U. of Arkansas. PP#12302. Grows in USDA Zone 5-9. Ripens in Oct.

A grapevine can be both a highly productive source of fruit and a focal point of considerable beauty. Think carefully about where to plant one to provide shade, cover a wall or accentuate an arch. We offer grapes most of which will ripen even in areas with cool summers. The ripening dates listed are for the cooler parts of Western Washington, but most ripen sooner and thrive where summers are warmer. 

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