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Maggot Barrier Bags

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Protect your Apples and Pears from Apple Maggot infestations. When your new fruit is about 1” in diameter, or the size of a nickel, (April to early June depending on location) thin the fruit to one per cluster. Slip the opening of the tan colored nylon bag, using your two index fingers, over the remaining fruitlet just enough to completely cover it, without completely expanding the bag. Secure the bag closed by tying the bag opening around the fruit stem. You can also use a small, 3/8” orthodontic (or similar) rubber band to secure the bag closed. To use the rubber band, slip the top of the nylon bag through the rubber band about an inch, open the rubber band and nylon bag together just enough to slip over and an inch or two past the fruit. The fruit will expand and color up within the bag and be completely protected. This product has been used successfully here at Raintree and by many fruit hobbyists. They are quick and easy to use! This years’ new heavier weave bags with reinforced seams may also provide some codling moth protection, especially if tightly closed at the top with a small rubber band and installed early. has pictures showing installing the bags with the rubber bands.
Size: Bag of 100


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary M.
Finally edible apples

Love these, worked great, a little time consuming getting on. We tied with a piece twine, did not have to knot and they stayed on. We would have had even more apples if we had gotten the socks on earlier and had not ran out of socks and had to reorder. 8 small Apple trees ended up using 600+ bags. Apples are better with the nylon sock over the fiber bag with pull ties (this were easier to put on, but have some apples with leathery skin from the heat/sun here in eastern Washington).
Will order more nylon bags for next year and not use the other bags. We will also cut a longer length of twine to make it easier to check apples and then put the bag back on.

Alan H.
Useless against codling moths!

Subject line says it all. These work for (early season) apple maggots, but once the codling moths emerge and go to egg-laying, you need plastic bags, not these!

Gina B.
Love these

I looked for apple bags for quite a while and then found these and they are great. Easy to slip over the apples with the 3/8 inch orthodonic rubberbands that they suggest using. This is my first year using these bags, so I cannot say how successful they will be, but so far so good. I just wish someone would make apple bags that are green so it doesn’t look like you have pantyhose hanging from your trees. My trees are in my front yard! ????
Still, thank you for making these available, Raintree, and at an affordable price! Bumper crop of apples this year here in Colorado. I had to order more bags!

Not as good as last year

The apple maggot bags I ordered this year are too loose which makes it difficult to twist the top of the bag and get the twisted top to stay inside the bag. I ordered the "same" bags last year (or the year before) and the fit was much better. With the loose fit of this year's bags, I doubt they will stay on the apples until harvest time.

Hello, I am so sorry to hear your experience with this product was not as good as the following year. I know how frustrating it can be to manage Apple Maggot, and we want to help our customers as much as possible. Please reach out to us at and we will send you new bags for the following season. Keep Growing, Rye (Customer Service Manager)