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Niagara Grape

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Vitis labrusca 'Niagara'

You'll really fall for Niagara! Niagara is an attractive, productive and vigorous old-style variety, from 1882, with large, slipskin berries; juicy with a strong foxy flavor, and the origin of most of the white grape juice sold in the US. Can be used as a seedless table grape and for juice, jelly and sweet wines, this is the product of a cross between Concord and Cassady varieties. A real taste treat for lovers of unique labrusca cultivars!

Although it has a following, Niagara is not known as a high-quality wine grape as it tends to have an abundance of "foxy" flavors and aromas, especially when ripe; harvest at 14° brix or earlier for wine production. Growth and habit similar to its parent Concord. Ripens midseason in warm summer areas. Grows in USDA Zone 5-9.

A grapevine can be both a highly productive source of fruit and a focal point of considerable beauty. Think carefully about where to plant one to provide shade, cover a wall or accentuate an arch. We offer grapes most of which will ripen even in areas with cool summers. The ripening dates listed are for the cooler parts of Western Washington, but most ripen sooner and thrive where summers are warmer. 

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Size: 2YR Bareroot


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  • Hi what is the approximate size of the 2 yr bareroot?

    Roughly 8 to 12 inches.

  • Does this have seeds?

    While they are slipskin grapes, they are also seedless!

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