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Northline Serviceberry

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Amelanchier alnifolia 'Northline'

This variety grows only 5-7’ tall and suckers profusely, making a great winter-hardy, fruiting hedge. It produces loads of good-sized, flavorful, black fruit at an early age. Berries taste very similar to blueberries, but ripen a month earlier. If not removed by birds, they will dry right on the bush! Northline was selected in 1960 at Beaverlodge, Alberta.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 3

Mature Height: 5'-7'

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • what is the soil ph required by the Northline Service berry

    5.5 - 7.0 is ideal, but it will tolerate up to 8.0

  • how far apart should they be planted for optimal growht (not as a hedgerow)

    Serviceberries should be planted on roughly 6-8  foot centers

  • If you wanted to plant these as a hedgerow along a fence, what should the spacing be in between plants?

    2-3 foot on center for a hedge

  • Your description is super vague about ripening time. In my area blueberries ripen from june to october depending upon the variety. You say this serviceberry ripens one month before blueberries. Please be more specific. Generally what month do they ripen? I am in zone 7a. Thank you.

    That will depend entirely on your location. If blueberries are ripening in June in your area, Serviceberries will probably ripen a month or so earlier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Phil B.

So far so good, haven’t had a problem with any Raintree plants!

Fabulous serviceberry bush

This serviceberry bush is great. It produces profusely and is a happy, hardy bush, which indeed suckers freely, allowing one to split off multiple new plants. The height is perfect for easy harvesting, unlike my other serviceberry types, and the berries are delicious. The only issue with serviceberries is the possibility of getting cedar rust, which mine does: simply move it to a better spot away from infected cedars, or just trim the harmless orange ick each year as it appears. This is a great cultivar!

Carrie C.
Service berry

This is a replacement for plants from you that died. This new one looks marginal, time will tell if it survives. In contrast, I just received 2 robust and healthy honeyberry plants from Jung Seeds. They are thriving.