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Nugget Hops

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SKU H1054


Widely grown in the Pacific Northwest, disease resistant and very popular for light lagers. It has an acute bitterness and an herbal aroma. Harvest compact cones in mid season. 4 inch pot.

These fast growing herbaceous vines quickly cover wires or a trellis to make an attractive screen, decorate an arch, or provide shade against a sunny wall. They can grow over 20’ in a season, dying back to the ground each year
in most climates. Space plants at least 8’ apart. The bitt
er flavor of the highly aromatic cone-like flowers is used to flavor beer. They thrive in a rich well drained soil and the cones are ready for harvest in the fall. Young shoots may be used in salads or as an asparagus substitute. USDA Zones 4-9. Can’t be shipped to OR or ID.

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SKU H1054