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Oca Tubers

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Oxalis tuberosa

Oca is another tasty tuber from the Andies! One of the lost crops of the Incas, oca is the second most popular tuber, after potatoes, in modern Peru. The small, bright pink, yellow, orange or white tubers are similar in flavor to a tangy potato or refreshing water chestnut when eaten raw. And they're so colorfully cheerful - harvest is almost like digging up Easter eggs!

The attractive clover-like foliage is also edible. The tubers mature late in the season and are usually harvested after the first light frost. In northern areas where frost comes before November, protection is needed to get good-sized tubers. Before planting, tubers can be cut into sections that contain at least 2 eyes, similar to potatoes, then air dried for a few days before planting. Average yield per plant is 1 pound when planted 15" apart in rows at least 24" apart; wider distance between rows is better in humid locations. Best grown in sun where summer temps don't usually rise above 85F for long periods, and nights are below 70F. Part shade can extend cultivation into warmer regions.

You will receive 5 tubers.

USDA Zone: 9 if left in-ground as a perennial; tubers begin to freeze out at 30F

Grow Height: 12" (Groundcover)

Sun: Full Sun in mild climates, Part Shade in warmer regions

Ripening Time: mid-November - 8 weeks after equinox

Pollination: N/A

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Customer Reviews

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received an extra tuber - all are thriving in ground

Healthy and thriving. They put on 6in of growth in ground already and the season just started.