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Pre-Order is live for most plants. More coming this fall!

Razz ™ Blueberry

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Now you can grow blueberries that have a delicious sweet Raspberry flavor. Razz ™ was bred in 1934 by USDA’s first blueberry breeder, Frederick Coville. For 75 years, it was a USDA numbered selection that was never named because it was too soft for large scale commercial shipping. It was cherished in researchers home gardens for its amazing flavor and finally named and introduced in 2011. Vigorous bushes grow to 5-6 foot tall and are productive with sweet medium size fruit that ripens quickly from green to blue in mid season. Pick it as it ripens for the most intense flavors. Fall foliage is an attractive red/orange.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Grow Height:  6' (Medium)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Partially Self Fertile

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Size: 1 Gallon Pot


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  • What are the chill hours? I have noticed you do not supply that information for every item. I live in zone 9a with 425 average chill hours. Just because something is zoned for my area does not mean the chill requirement will be met. I would love it if you could consistently provide that info. It’s also good business. Thanks for your time.

    Chill hours are not known for every cultivar in production so we do not provide them when they are unknown or the information is unreliable. Being a Northen Highbush blueberry, as is the case with most blueberries we carry (unless otherwise noted), 400-500 chill hours is not sufficent. You will need a true Rabbiteye blueberry variety which can be found at nurseries based in the southeast.

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