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Saanichton Fuzzy Kiwi

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Actinidia deliciosa 'Saanichton'

While this female variety is similar to the fuzzy kiwi that you buy in the store (usually the variety 'Hayward'), it is more winter hardy (to about 5 degrees F) and it is successfully grown from California to as far north as Vancouver, Canada, since it ripens a couple of weeks before Hayward. It creates large, sweet, easy-to-peel fruit.

Fuzzy female kiwis must be pollinized by the Male Fuzzy kiwi. Saanichton is considered low chill, requiring only 200 chill hours to reliably bloom and set fruit. Hardy to USDA zone 8.

This fuzzy kiwi is the type of kiwi that you find in the supermarket. It has a fuzzy brown skin. Inside, the flesh is a lime green, with crunchy and edible tiny black seeds. The taste is wonderful - a tropical combination of flavors. Kiwi are native to China, but were first commercially grown in New Zealand.  

Hardy to USDA Zone: 8

Mature Size: up to 40' if unpruned

Sun: Full Sun 

Ripening Time: Late October/Early November in the PNW

Pollination: Requires Male that blooms simultaneously

Read our Kiwi Growing Guide

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • is this a climber?

    Absolutely, it should have 30 feet of space to grow.

  • What is chill hour requirements

    200+ chilling hours

  • what male will go with this Saanichton Fuzzy KiWi and when will it bare fruit

    The common male fuzzy is the pollinator and it will usually flower within 2-3 years. Kiwis take time.

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Cambrie N.
arrived in perfect condition

thank you for a perfect plant!

Dean B.
Worth the lengthy wait

Arrived unexpectedly extremely healthy, very well packed, couldn’t ask for better…thx to raintree and their employees

best regards

dorothy w.
I give 5 star

My Saanichton Fuzzy Kiwi arrived in good condition I was very satisfied