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Saijo Persimmon

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Saijo is one of the few Asian persimmon we can ripen in our cool summers at Raintree in western Washington. This self fertile cultivar is hardy to -10 degrees F. It produces consistently sweet acorn shaped fruit on a small tree. It is ripe when soft (astringent variety).

USDA Zone: 7-9

Grow Height: 15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September/October

Pollination: Self-Fertile

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Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (3'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Good Afternoon, Question regarding mature height with semi-dwarf rootstock. With this cultivar 'Saijo' is the mature height with the dwarfing rootstock 15' or is it 5'? Thank you for all your help and clearing up any confusion with the mature heights with the semi-dwarf rootstock! -G

    The height at shipping is 4-5' tall. The mature height is 15' tall. Hope this helps!

  • How big is the tree going to be if I order now I will it produce persimmon next year?

    3'-4' tall when shipped (in spring of 2024) and it will not produce fruit for 3-5 years. Persimmon do not start flowering until later in their life and thus do not produce fruit for a number of years after transplant.

  • Although Saijo is self-fertile, I have heard that getting a second persimmon will improve yield. What variety do you recommend as a pollinator?

    Jiro is a common favorite, but any other asian persimmon will work fine.

  • I live in Snohomish County, Zone 7b - about an hour from the Canadian border. How likely is it that our shorter, cooler summer would reliably produce ripe fruit?

    Odds are pretty good, provided the trees are fully mature and well established, which takes time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
persimmon varieties compared

We now have 4 different persimmon varieties that are currently bearing fruit. Nikita's gift, Izu, Meader, and Saijo.
Meader is earliest (and smallest) fruit of the season (early Oct.) then Izu (just a bit later), Nikita's gift (Oct to early Nov.) and Saijo. All have good to great flavor, Nikita's gift is my favorite. Saijo has wonderful flavor but the fruits were heavily frost damaged when still green, and the frost damaged parts of the fruit do not ripen. We are in East Puget Sound lowlands, Cascade foothills (Snoqualmie/Issaquah area), zone 7B. This year our first hard frost was late October. Saijo and Izu persimmons got hit and frost damaged. Not too bad on Izu but the frost damaged parts don't ripen either. Saijo much more damaged. We picked the rest this week before our second hard frost hit. Still lots of olive green on fruits, not fully orange, but they seem to be coloring up OK inside. Nikita's gift and Meader tolerated frost with no damage, and they ripen well inside after picking too. An abundant fruit year this year! 2023. Saijo may not be here in the future if the early frost consistently damages the fruit.

Luigi G.
Excellent persimmon pair

I bought and planted the Fuijo and Fuyu pair next to each other in October 2015. This year, 2023, 8 years after planting them, Fuijo made 53 LB of delicious fruit. I am in PA, and they start ripening in mid November. The Fuyu this year made few and small fruits for the first time. We are hopeful that next year we will be inundated of Fuyu persimmons as well!

Vanessa A.

When this “tree” arrived I was very surprised and honestly quite disappointed due to my not knowing what to expect with a bare root tree.
I received a stick that seemed long dead and dry , with soilless roots that bore no sign of life, nor life to come.
I promptly emailed raintree and received a reply explaining the nature of the dormant tree stock that is kept in cold storage at 33• until it’s ready to ship.
Sure enough, just a few days later the life in the dormant stick becomes apparent. We are eagerly awaiting the unfolding leaves to come soon!


The package arrived in a timely manner and everything was neatly packaged. The leaves were trimmed for shipping and we followed the instructions for planting, which were easy to follow. We still haven’t seen leaves and branches growing, but it’s too soon since we planted

Healthy whip received.

I hacked the top off to form a low open center and new branches have already started forming.