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Shanxi Li Jujube

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Zizyphus jujuba 'Shanxi Li'

Very large - up to 2" tall! Barrel-shaped, mottled yellow/brown when fully ripe, with a light, airy texture and light sweetness when fresh, and intensely sweet when dried. Also self fruitful!

Jujubes are pretty trees with glossy green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn. Called “Chinese Date”, the fruit is lightly sweet, reddish brown when ripe, 1-1/2” long with a single seed. These grafted trees will grow to 20’ or more but can be maintained much smaller. They are very productive and early bearing. The fruit needs hot summers to ripen well. In cooler summers pick it half brown and half green and bring it inside to finish ripening. The myth of Zizyphus is that they are all tender subtropicals, but jujubes are hardy down to zone 6.

USDA Zone: 6-10

Grow Height: 18'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Self Fertile

Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • I live in Davis, California. Can Shangxi Li grow well here? What other varieties grow well in this area? Thank you.

    Jujubes thrive in dry and hot conditions (provided they are watered frequently enough) and should do well in your area.

  • I live in Annapolis, MD (zone 7). Can Lang and Li (or Shangxi Li) thrive here and do they successfully cross pollinate?

    In your area Lang and Shangxi Li are not very productive, however Honey Jar and Sugarcane are considered reliable in Maryland.

  • I live just north of seattle in a low spot, or cold pocket. Also, the sun in the summer may only be direct from 9 until about 4pm. Is there a variety that you would recommend over the others?

    Jujube is not going to ripen for you outside of a greenhouse environment. Sorry!

  • Can jujube grow in tropical climate Hawaii? What varieties to choose for tropical? Do you ship to Hawaii?

    Jujube grows well in tropical climates if the soil is not too wet. We do ship to Hawaii.

  • How do I make this tree a dwarf

    Through judcious and wise annual pruning.

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So far it's ok, haven't broken dormancy.


Still in dormancy, not active yet.