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Shipova European Pear

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x Sorbopyrus auricularis

A unique and exciting European pear and mountain ash cross from Yugoslavia, Shipova will grow to be a 15'+ tree and produces a nice crop of medium-sized, yellow, round, flavorful fruit. When fully ripe, the slick, sweet flesh has a hint of tropical guava or mango to it; as it ages the texture softens and the flavor builds to a rich marzipan! The leaves are silver grey and the tree grows to display a classical, open, pyramidal shape; it makes an elegant addition to any landscape. This tree deserves to be planted more widely!

Shipova is a hardy and scab-resistant tree, considered a late-bloomer and ripening fruit in August. Pollinizes with the late bloom groups 2 and 3 of  European pear.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 3

Mature Height: 15' (Semi Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Rootstock: OHxF 87

Pollination: Needs a Mid or Mid-Late blooming Pollinizer

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Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • The Shipova European Pear is zone 3; all of the listed pollinators are zone 5. What is the recommendation if we live in zone 3 and would like to have fruit.

    We do not have any other European pears that are for zone 3, but I would recommend the Harrow Delight, as it's technically zone 4 but comes from Ontario, which is very cold and definitely zone 3 capable!

  • How long before this tree will fruit?

    Roughly 5-7 years, depending on quickly it establishes.

  • I live in zone 8b on the hot and humid Gulf Coast. Will shipova grow well in and tolerate my climate? If so whathat pollinater would work with shipova in my zine?

    Shipova is a cold climate hybrid pear that will likely not do well on the Gulf Coast. Warren and Ayers are the better bets, but even they may not tolerate the heat and humidity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Arrived in good shape with nice root system. It has a few leaves starting.

Harry V.
Shipova never flowered for me

I bought 10 Shipova in 1996. Not only have I never had fruit. I never had a single flower. Total waste of time and money. My kiwis and paw paws and asian pears all produced very well. Very satisfied with all trees and vines except Shipova (Since there were never any flowers, I suspect it may have been grafting stock in error)

David W.
Must-have for Cold Country

This spring I ordered three Shipovas from Raintree to give to friends who loved the fruit from my tree. Too, if anything should happen to my tree, I want backups! The small, round "pears" are exquisite, much like Bosc pears but sweeter and more fragrant. Sunny days and chilly nights typical of my zone (Rocky Mountains, western Montana) enhance its flavor and sweetness. Give this very hardy tree a try, especially if you garden in the mountains.

Nils P.
Interesting, but not a mainstay

I've had a shipova for 15 years. Its an interesting flavor, but the fruit is small so it takes some work to enjoy. Pruning to keep it at a height that can be picked is an ongoing challenge, it wants to run for the sky. Fun to have, not a go-to.

Todd M.
Bare-root arrived very healthy

Leafing out already in under a week, thanks.