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Snowbank Blackberry

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Rubus hybrid

Another triumph for Luther Burbank! Snow-white berries have the same flavor as "normal" blackberries but are translucent and milky-white in hue. The drupelets are exquisite small fruits that resemble tiny pearls. As they ripen, berries retain their white color and flavor better than other varieties of berries of a comparable size. A trailing-type, robust grower with good disease resistance. Rreaches in late July. Developed in 1916 as a better version of his first white blackberry, "Iceberg," by Luther Burbank. Self-pollinating.


USDA Zones 5-9.

Size: 10" Sleeve


Ask a Question
  • It appears my Snowbank Blackberry did not make it through the winter. What should I know about these plants to prevent any future plants from giving up.

    Make sure your zone is warm enough to start, this plant needs no lower than a zone 5. If you are in zone 5 you can still get too cold with changing weather patterns. Watering heavily before a hard freeze will protect the roots (ice is an insulator), as well as a heavy wood mulch (4 to 6 inches), can do wonders to keep the roots moist and alive through cold and dry spells that would otherwise kill it.

  • What is a 10" sleeve?

    It is a size of pot, roughly 4x4 inches and 10 inches deep.

  • Is this a thornless variety

    No, this variety has thorns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lawrence L.
Snowbank blackberry plant

I ordered the snow bank blackberry sleeve and it arrived as described including easy to follow instructions for its care.ill order from raintree nursery again in the future. Thx!

Kirsten S.
Great Looking Plant

The plant arrived in excellent condition, I got it into the ground and now i just have to wait for berries :)


Showed up looking great..Nice and leafy..Can't wait for them to grow.


So far, it’s doing very well. It’s hard to unwrap and get planted, but thankfully, nothing broke when upacking.