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Snowbank Blackberry

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Rubus hybrid

Another triumph for Luther Burbank! Snow-white berries have the same flavor as "normal" blackberries but are translucent and milky-white in hue. The drupelets are exquisite small fruits that resemble tiny pearls. As they ripen, berries retain their white color and flavor better than other varieties of berries of a comparable size. A trailing-type, robust grower with good disease resistance. Rreaches in late July. Developed in 1916 as a better version of his first white blackberry, "Iceberg," by Luther Burbank. Self-pollinating.


USDA Zones 5-9.

Size: 10" Sleeve


Ask a Question
  • It appears my Snowbank Blackberry did not make it through the winter. What should I know about these plants to prevent any future plants from giving up.

    Make sure your zone is warm enough to start, this plant needs no lower than a zone 5. If you are in zone 5 you can still get too cold with changing weather patterns. Watering heavily before a hard freeze will protect the roots (ice is an insulator), as well as a heavy wood mulch (4 to 6 inches), can do wonders to keep the roots moist and alive through cold and dry spells that would otherwise kill it.

  • What is a 10" sleeve?

    It is a size of pot, roughly 4x4 inches and 10 inches deep.

  • Is this a thornless variety

    No, this variety has thorns.

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Showed up looking great..Nice and leafy..Can't wait for them to grow.