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Rubus fruticosus x idaeus

This heavy-bearing backyard winner, a cross between blackberry and raspberry, was developed in the Tay River valley in Scotland. Vigorous, arching, thorny canes produce large, flavorful berries that are very long, narrow and reddish black when ripe. Tayberry can be grown in a sprawling clump, like a black raspberry. USDA Zones 5-9


Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Can Tayberries, Boynesberry, and Marionberry all be grown on the same trellis system? Or should they be grown away from each other?

    They can all grow together if there is enough space to manage them!

  • Are the tayberries floricane or primocane bearing?

    They are floricane bearing.

  • What are their light requirements?

    Full sun to partial shade.

  • Do tayberries produce fruit within the first season it's planted?

    Usually yes!

  • What variety of Tayberry and Marionberry do you sell?

    Our Tayberries are the original from Tay River Valley in Scotland. Our Marionberries are true Marionberries, not to be confused with the several Marion-like-berries that have been developed to ripen earlier or later.

  • What cultivar are these tayberries? I bought one and especially need to know for future pruning as, like their raspberry progenitor, there are primocane varieties and floricane varieties.

    These are the original cultivar of Tayberries from the Tay River Valley in Scotland, which would make them floricane bearing.

  • Do these fair well in containers?

    They do, but they will need extra irrigation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Judy P.
Tayberry plants

After searching for Tayberry plants . Didn’t know what to expect when they arrived. Got beautiful health plants

Jo-Ann J.
Looks healthy

Arrived well packaged. A very small plant for the price. I immediately planted it and it is growing nicely. Excited to have Tay berries sometime in the future.

Dennis P.
Excellent healthy plants

I looked on line for Tayberry plants and Raintree I think was the only one who had the plants. They were healthy and green. I am very pleased with the plants and highly recommend anyone to order from them. They were the best looking plants!!

Tommy N.
Tayberry for Tommy (our peeping tom cat)

This plant arrived in perfect condition--packed so that no soil would spill, and beginning to leaf out.

Lynn B.
My Tayberrys!

My Tayberry bushes arrived well packaged and hydrated. I planted them immediately and they relaxed, opened their leaves from being bundled, and are happy in their new home.
Thank you.