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Tomcot Apricot

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Prunus armenica 'Tomcot'

These huge (for an apricot!) luscious orange orbs are the first apricots to ripen each season. The firm orange flesh is delicious eaten fresh or dried. Select another apricot, perhaps one that ripens late, as a pollinizer. What a great way to extend your harvest!

Developed by WSU fruit breeder Tom Toyama from a cross made in 1970.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height:  12' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Rootstock: St. Julian(Dwarf), Citation(Semi-Dwarf)

Read our Apricot Growing Guide

Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Hello, after reading the other questions I'm curious of you recommend any apricot for semi-humid summers of Michigan? We are in zone 6a on the west-coast, north of Muskegon.

    Apricots are not very tolerant of summer humidity due to their susceptability to brown rot and other warm summer diseases. You can spray for those if you choose, but we don't have a variety that will just do it by itself.

  • Will this variety do well in Southern Alabama? And what other varieties would do well?

    Apricots suffer in humid summers, requiring more of the dry heat found in the southwest. We don't advise it.

  • What is the mature size for the semi-dwarf vs dwarf?

    Dwarf tops out at 10'-12' tall and semi-dwarf 12'-14 tall

  • Does the pollinator have to be another variety of apricot? If not, what other types of trees would serve the purpose?

    Yes it does and any other apricot.

Customer Reviews

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Laurie M.
Nice tree!

I bought a dwarf size bare root tree. It came at the appropriate time to be planted, and was well pruned. I planted it last week, and it already is showing signs of buds and is doing really well! I paid a little more for it than my other dwarf apricot trees, but well worth it. I'm pretty confident this one will take off. Nice tree, guys! Thanks!