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TREE Guards 24 Inch

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Protect your young trees and vines! These guards protect the trunk of newly planted trees or vines from cracking, borers and rodent damage. Simply wind the tree guard around the lower two feet of trunk as fall weather gets cold, and remove them as spring growth begins, to keep varmits from targeting your nutritious bark during lean winter months. Get one for each new tree. They will last for years!

Size: 1 Tree Guard


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
working well so far!

pretty simple product - easy to install, and seems to be doing really well at protecting my baby trees! I actually have some 1 year old seedlings that were shorter than the barrier, so I cut them to size and installed them for protection against deer grazing and excessive UV light from the sun. So far, so good!

growing beautifully!

I received my Babaco papaya about a month ago. Since planting it in a container, it s grown about a foot! It puts out about 2 new leaves a week, and has only needed 1 watering since the initial watering I provided when I planted it. Beautiful green foliage, and a really vigorous grower. Hoping to get some fruit from it within the next year or two, at this rate!

R J.
Damaged young trees for life

I bought these 10+ years ago and placed them on my 60 young trees in my backyard home orchard. They attracted earwigs and caused cracks, etc due to the closely held wrapping. We have a lot of rabbits and after I took these off, we did lose a tree to wringing. However, many of my mature semi-dwarf plums, apples, pears, and cherries have permanent damage on the bark around the base of the tree. Perhaps I didn't use them correctly though I thought I followed the instructions given when I purchased them. My trees were very slow in growing and I did leave them on for several years. If I were to do it over again I would use a collar of chicken wire tall enough to discourage rabbits (1'?) and with enough space for the tree to grow, but I'll never use these again. I'm disappointed that these are being sold still unless there is additional instructions on how to use them (clean them out once a month, remove them after x months on the tree, etc). Hope those are added.