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Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.
Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry

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Rubus sp., subgenus Rubus (Eubatus) 'Triple Crown'

Productive, tasty and hardy - Triple Crown wins by a mile! This cultivar can produce 30 pounds of large, very sweet, shiny blackberries per plant, making it by far the most productive we offer. Fruit has superb flavor both eaten fresh and used to make jelly, toppings or juice. Vigorous canes, up to 2' in diameter and 15' long, thrive in areas of the country too cold for other blackberries, and produce huge crops in July and early August.

Grow it like a vining blackberry, at 8' spacing, or for those with less space, cut new canes the first summer at 6' tall and snip the laterals back to 2' long in winter. With this method, use a 3' spacing and a top wire to tie the upright canes. USDA Zones 5-9.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • my next years fruiting canes are now 7-8 feet tall. should I cut them back to 6ft or trellis them? In the past I just cut them off. thanks

    You can, but you don't have to. They do best with trellis either way.

  • The Triple Crown sounds like a wonderful berry! I live in Riverside CA and we have several hot spells (100) in the summer and usually a few days of frost in the winter. I’ve got my trellis ready (20’ long with a support in the middle and wire at 2’, 4’, and 6’. The soil is decomposed granite with good drainage. It will receive full sun for at least 5-6 hours with some shade cast by a large pine tree in mid-to-late afternoon. I also plan on using commercial soil to build up under the trellis wire. Do you think Triple Crown would work? A local neighbor grows olallieberries that are productive. Would you recommend another variety? When is the best time to plant? Thanks for your help! Carol Kearns

    Triple Crown should work fine. They are container friendly if you want to trial a few locations before planting in-ground.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eric C.
Blackberries without scratches

Plants came on time and seemed in good shape, planted right away

Walter J.S.

Starts arrived in a timely fashion; I promptly put them in the earthworm- and compost-rich loamy soil. We shall see how well they flourish. Other thornless black berries love it here.

Ron B.
I Have Had My Plants for 20 Years

Great producer. The canes can still get 10 feet tall if I don t keep these in check. Large, sweet berries, make great syrup. They are great for just grazing when I am in the garden.