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Wabash® Paw Paw

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Asimina triloba 'Wabash'®

Named after "Wabash Cannonball", due to the unusual round shape to the large fruits! Enjoy good production of 8-12 oz fruits that are unusually meaty - only 6% seed. Their flavor is sweet and rich, with a texture that's medium firm, creamy, and smooth. Flesh color is a pretty yellow/orangish. This Peterson introduction will bowl you over!

Late ripening, and worth the wait. Hand pollination will increase fruit set, alternatively, adding a small pile of decaying meat to the base of each tree just before blooms open will bring in the flies and beetles that pollinate these unusual trees. Shade from direct sun during first 2 summers - even mature trees may benefit from afternoon shade in hot climates. Also protect young trees from slug and snail damage. Requires approx. 500 chill hours and 2200 Growing Degree Days (GDD).

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Chill Hours Needed: Approximately 500 hours

Mature Height: 10'-15'

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade in Hot Climates

Ripening Time: Early/Fall

Pollination: Need Pollinizer

Click here to read our Paw Paw Growing Guide

Size: 5 1/2" Band Pot


Ask a Question
  • Are all your paw paws grafted?

    Yes, they are grafted to Paw Paw seedlings.

  • The growing guide states, “Paw paw trees need another variety of paw paw nearby to pollinate each other”. Does it need to be a different kind of paw paw or are two Wabash trees fine?

    Named variaties are typicially grafted clones, which this is. You will need another named variety for cross pollination.

  • How tall is the tree?

    12"-18" tall in pot.

  • How old is a tree that comes in a 1 gallon pot, and how old is a tree that comes in the 5.5 banded pot?

    2 years old in the band pot, 3 years old in the gallon pot

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rick P.
Very nice

when i got this tree it was just coming out of dormancy as i hoped and it was very healthy. i would highly recommend

Christopher V.
Nice Sized

Received my baby paw paw in good condition. Good sized appears healthy 👍

Wabash Paw Paw Trees

Reveived my trees relatively fast as the went all the way across America. Much of the ingredients in the pot had spill into the box and one was nearly leafless and they were curled and dark green. I misted them for a few days. It lost all of it's leaves but they'll come back. Most of the leaves were in the box. The other arrived a little more spritely. I'm sure they will be fine. Overall the service was good. I will montor the Paw Paw's and it will determine if I buy from them again.

Eric V.
In good condition

Tree was well packaged for its travel and was in good condition.


Great product, def a place to buy high quality tree.