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New orders will begin shipping the week of 5/22; orders containing Bareroot plants will ship by the end of May.
New orders will begin shipping the week of 5/22; orders containing Bareroot plants will ship by the end of May.

Weeping Mulberry

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Morus alba 'Weeping'

Weeping mulberries make a unique and beautiful statement in any garden! These unusual trees naturally grow in a weeping form, while also having a contorted trunk and branches. The draping branches create an almost teepee-type hidden room under the limbs so you can hide inside and pick the 1"-long, dark and delicious berries.

Shipped plants may be pruned to fit in the box; please support any emerging branch to become the new central leader, and tie that branch in an upright position to your tree support post that should be as tall as you want the tree to be at maturity. Once the central leader reaches the desired height, you can allow the branch to begin to weep; any other branches emerging at that height will weep as well. Prune off any lower weeping branches as needed.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Grow Height: 15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July-September

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Click here to read our Mulberry Growing Guide

Size: Bareroot (2'-3')


Ask a Question
  • I didn’t realize this was going to be such a small tree, the climbing roses from the same order are significantly bigger. - 1 gallon pot. What is the growth rate like?

    Mulberry growth is largely water dependent. With enough water and sunlight they can grow up to 2' per year. If they are not watered enough they will grow much less quickly so plan for good supplemental irrigation.

  • Is "Weeping" similar to "Pendula"?

    "Pendula" is a varietal term often used for "weeping" plants (from the Latin meaning drooping), but the botanical term is actually "decurrent". Hope that helps!

  • I would like a female tree. Will this be a female tree when ordering?

    Yes this is a grafted female tree.

  • How wide does this tree get in diameter? I have limited space for trees to spread out.

    6'-8' at maturity. It's much taller than it is wide (and it's not that tall).

  • What type of mulberry is your weeping mulberry most like? Pakistani?

    It's more like a common Morus rubra, like Wellington or Illinois Everbearing.

  • To what country is this native?

    The United States and Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eli E.
Great Plant

The weeping mulberry arrived in great shape and is already starting to grow in our garden in Illinois. I am very happy with the purchase!
Great job, Raintree!

Baby WHip is happy!

She arrived in fantastic color and health! Has been "grounded" now for a week or two and is just as happy as can be! LOVE!

Tyler S.
Looks good!

Got to me in great shape. We planted it immediately and it didn't skip a beat.

Kathy A.
Weeping Mulberry

It has not yet come to life...but will I am sure in the week to come It will be a point of interest in my Sun Orchard

Marilyn F.
High quality tree

Received the tree in excellent condition. The roots are plentiful and strong and the trunk is in excellent condition with plenty of buds that are just on the edge of coming out of dormancy several days after delivery.