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Winter Splash™ Wintergreen

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Gaultheria procumbens 'Winter Splash'™  

Brighten up a shady alcove with a colorful, one-of-a-kind wintergreen. This first-ever variegated wintergreen will brighten your mood with its showy white-and-green variegated, glossy green leaves that take on a glowing pink color with autumn frosts, accompanied by bright red wintergreen-flavored berries that persist well into winter. Plant it in containers with a holiday theme, or in the landscape as a small space groundcover to brighten up the winter drearies. Fantastic in pots flanking a doorway! A spectacular edible ornamental.

Prefers an acidic, moist but well draining soil with plenty of organic matter. Evergreen.

USDA Zone: 3-8

Grow Height:  10” x 3’

Sun: Partial to Full Shade

Ripening Time: Fall

Pollination: Self Fertile

Size: 1 Qt Pot


Ask a Question
  • Do i need to plant this in the spring or can i plant it now, in late july?

    It can be planted anytime, but the hotter the climate the more frequently it will need to be watered.

  • My dogs sometimes pass through the area I want to plant several of these plants. Is this able to handle some animal traffic? Does it pose any risks to pets?

    They are pretty tough, but if stomped too often at a young age will suffer. Wintergreen is technically toxic to dogs and and cats, but most toxicity studies have been done on the distilled oils and not the leaves or berries themselves. Some sources say the effect would be mild if ingested, but that is speculative and your mileage may vary.

  • can i plant this in september

    Yes, if you give it enough water to offset the summer heat.

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