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Wonderful Pomegranate

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Punica granatam 'Wonderful'

Wonderful is the most popular variety that commercial growers use for juice production. A multi-stemmed shrub and a beautiful ornamental which grows up to 10 feet tall, hot summers are needed to fully ripen the large fruit. In the Pacific Northwest, with good drainage, it will grow outdoors. However, to ripen fruit, grow it in a pot and bring it inside in the late fall. We offer a large, multi stemmed bush.

Pomegranate can be grown as a small tree or in a bush form. Their bright foliage and beautiful orange flowers make them a beautiful landscape plant. Pomegranates ripen well in the South and in California. They grow well in the Pacific Northwest but don’t get the intense summer heat they need to ripen. Growing them as a multi-stemmed bush in a pot and bringing them in in the fall can extend their productive range

USDA Zone: 7-10

Grow Height: 10'- 12'

Ripening Time: Late Fall

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • I live in N.E. Washington. We have very hot summers but also a get very cold. Will pomegranates survive?

    Good question! Pomegranates are hardy to zone 7, which is down to roughly 0.0 degrees. Many parts of Eastern WA are colder than that, but with extra winter protection you may be able to pull it off. We cannot guarantree survival however.

  • what are the chill hours required for this, if any?

    200+ chilling hours. To be clear, all plants have chilling hour requirements, but some plants like pomegranate are so low it doesn't matter in the United States.

  • If I were going to try to grow a pomegranate in Chehalis, what variety would you suggest?

    Any will grow fine in Chehalis, but outside of a greenhouse they are unlikely to fully ripen fruit.

Customer Reviews

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Janice M.

When these are able to ripen on the tree they are sweet and delightful, the name wonderful was a perfect choice.