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Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry

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Fragaria vesca 'Yellow Wonder'

Yellow Wonder is a strong growing and productive alpine strawberry, rivaling other top producers. Its wild strawberry aroma and hint of pineapple flavor will delight your nose as well as your taste buds as you stroll by a clump and harvest a handful of pale-yellow berries.

Its clumping habit produces few to no runners on plants that are day neutral, producing fruit from spring through frost. The yellow color is less attractive to birds, leaving more fruit for you to enjoy. Plant several together to form a patch, or scatter alongside a path or walkway for surprise treats. Unusually cold-tolerant. Sold in a 4" pot.

USDA Zone: 3-9

Grow Height:  1' or smaller

Sun: Full

Ripening Time: June - September

Pollination: Self Fertile

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Photo courtesy of Michael J. Wellik

Sold out
SKU E455