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In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.
In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.

Balaton™ Cherry

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Prunus cerasus 'Balaton'™

Balaton™ tart cherries are larger and firmer than most tart cherries, with a deep burgundy-red color throughout the skin and juicy flesh. Harvest the sweet/tart fruit when it easily separates from the stem for the best flavor and sugar content; the fruits are firm enough to not be damaged by hand picking. Ripens late for a tart cherry.

Balaton™ (Ujfehértōi fürtös) cherry originated in Hungary, selected from a comparison study of traditional strains of nation-wide village tart cherries, as ‘the best’. Dr. Amy Lezzoni, of Michigan State Univ., imported, tested and released this morello-type cherry with the new trade name Balaton™, named for a lake in Hungary. A portion of the royalty fee goes to Hungary’s tart cherry breeding program and the village of Ujfeherto where Balaton originated.

The trees are a bit more vigorous and more upright in growth habit than other tart cherries; give an extra foot or so spacing. Hardy to USDA zone 4; flowers can be damaged by early spring temperature fluctuations, so avoid planting in cold pockets. Trees may set more fruit in cool springs with another tart cherry as a pollinizer. Moderately resistant to cherry leaf spot, brown rot, and rain cracking. 

USDA Zone: 4-9

Grow Height: 12' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Late Season (for a tart cherry)

Pollination: Mostly Self Fertile

Rootstock: Gisela 5

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Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Is Balaton a naturally dwarfing tart cherry if it grows on its own rootstock?

    No, Balaton is considered MORE vigourous and upright than most sour cherries and would certainly be so on it's own roots.

  • How well does Balaton tart cherry trees grow and produce in the hot humid southeast. You say it can grow in zone 9 (I'm in 7) but will it thrive and be as productive as it is in the northern USA?

    USDA Zones are designations of average low winter temperatures and little more. Balaton cherries grow best in high chill hour climates with cool springs, no late frosts, and dry summer conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Don A.
Great service

When I recieved my order of two Balaton cherry trees there was only one in the box. I contacted Raintree and immediately was contacted... asked to send pictures. It was determined there was an human error in the shipping department and my second tree was sent.. both are doing well. I will definitely go to Raintree nursery in the future

Olga N.
Well developed roots

I received this cherry last week. It was about 3.5 ft tall with many healthy branches and a well developed root system. After planting it is already putting out leaves, so I have high hopes to it.

Jennifer A.
Great cherry

The plant was well-packed. The trunk diameter was thick and the tree was nilcely branched out. I had one before and the gophers ate the root. This variety is great for pies.