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Kuban Comet Asian Plum

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Prunus domestica 'Kuban Comet'

A unique cultivar from Krymsk, Russia. This teardrop-shaped, cling stone plum has bright yellow, very sweet flesh. Kuban Comet is extremely hardy, so it thrives in cold climates. The self-fertile, dwarf tree, which reaches about 10' tall, is very productive and easy to grow. 2 inch-long, yellow-orange fruits turn red when fully ripe in late July, and the tart skin resists cracks.

An unusually early bloomer, it is in bloom along with Asian plums here in the PNW. Not good to use as a pollinizer for other Euro plums.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Grow Height:  12' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July - August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: St. Julian A

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Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Kuban Comet is called an Asian plum in its name, but is labeled "Prunus domestica" (European plum) in its description. Does this tree pollinate with Asian plums (and Asian-American hybrids like Toka) or European plums? Thanks!

    It's a hybrid of European and Asian plums, but it blooms so early we group it with Asian plums for pollination purposes.

  • Is this a dwarf root stock, I planning on high density planting and would like to know?

    It is as dwarf as plums get, but it will still be in the 12'-15' range at maturity. You can of course keep it smaller with pruning.

  • What color are the blooms?


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary A.
Just wow!

Kuban Comet more than paid for itself! I didn't actually sell the hundreds of sweet, flavorful plums, but at current prices, there were several hundred dollars worth of them when I invited neighbors to come and pick them. After five days of Pick & Taste parties, I gathered the remaining three dozen and dropped them off with friends. Everybody loved them.

Mary A.
Sweet and early

I bought this one a few years ago, maybe about 6, from Raintree. It has survived 30 degrees below zero in Minneapolis, and it has been bearing heavily, especially this year (2020). The plums are sweet, clingstone, early (compared to our other plums), and easy to identify as ripe.

Spreading crown may not be good for small spaces.

Received the tree in 2023 spring with branches broken during shipping process (Picture 1). It was a concern originally but after heading the tree at 28" it sent out new shoots readily which is a good thing (Picture 2). It was planted in a not so great spot but with some care it has grown well so far.

There isn't much information on the habit this variety since it's not grown widely except in Russia. Observing my tree's growth this season, I can tell it has spreading crown which can be challenging to train in small spaces (a typical backyard in a suburban home) See Picture 3 where I had to prop-up some shoots (they are growing from headed primary scaffolds). I managed to speak to a few people growing this tree who confirmed the behavior of spreading and weeping with fruit load requiring trellis support to keep the branches it vertical or 10 ft space around the tree.

Picture 4 is from a grower who is growing Kuban Comet in Europe that should give an idea how one should plant their space.