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Peggy Clark Flowering Apricot

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Prunus mume 'Peggy Clark'

A flowering apricot, also commonly known as a plum blossom tree, selected for the beauty of its blooms. It also produces edible fruit. Enjoy bright, beautiful, fully double rose-pink flowers that have a distinctive fragrance and make wonderful cut flowers when there is nothing else to cut from the garden. Also great for early spring pollinators!

The tree flowers in the winter in January or February. The flower petals or buds can be dried to add to tea. If flowers are not frosted, the tree produces fruit, called ume. The fruits, though not very sweet or pleasant on their own, are useful in preserves known as umeboshi. While green they can be either sugared or pickled or, when ripe, used to make apricot brandy or jam. Allow a 15 foot spacing for this long-lived tree. Select another variety for pollination if you want more than just a handful of fruit.

Hardy to USDA Zone 5

Mature Height:  15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Midsummer

Pollination: Partially Self-Fertile

Rootstock: Myro 29C

Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


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  • Is the roots of this tree invasive?

    Not at all.

Customer Reviews

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John P.
Arrived healthy

Arrived healthy and good route structure.

Vladimir K.
The superb Umeshu from these fruits

I have this tree for six or seven years in my home garden in Maryland. It s extremely vigorous and absolutely disease-free. At the end of February - beginning of March it is always covered by beautiful pink flowers. At the end of May it is covered by green inedible fruits. I was stupid enough to consider cutting it out. Then a friend told me about traditional Japanese liquor called "Umeshu". It turned out extremely easy to do (just Google for it; I had zero experience two years ago) and extremely tasty. All my friends now ask me when the new batch will be ready. This year I got about 4 gallons of Umeshu from my single tree!