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Chester Blackberry

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Rubus fruitcosus 'Chester'

To extend the harvest, plant Chester, which starts its late season, huge production right when Triple Crown leaves off. Very large, flavorful berries start ripening in August and an extremely heavy yield continues all the way until frost. Very similar to Triple Crown, fruit is borne on vigorous, thornless canes.

Unusually versatile and resistant to cane blight, plants do well in both cooler and warmer summer areas, where berries stay firm in the heat. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5.

Size: 4" Pot


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  • How tall do these plants grow to?

    Chester canes can reach 10' long annually. We suggest using a trellis for them. They are thornless however and easy to manage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S C.
Reliably productive for me

I live in what is now classified as zone 6b, but in reality it is closer to zone 5a. The growing season is challenging for blackberries. I’ve tried 8 different varieties of blackberries and the Chester are the only ones that grow and produce well for me. The flavor profile is more floral and perhaps lemony than what I would consider a classic jammy blackberry flavor, but I’ve learned to love it and it mixes well with other fruit and berries. A Chester/strawberry jam is divine. I've had the best luck with small starts by putting them in pots for a year to be better established than directly planting them. The plants are well behaved. The flowers are a lovely lavender color. I plan to replace all of my non Chester plants with more Chesters.

Elaine T.

Can’t really say much, the plants are very small and have not had time to start growing.