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Order now to reserve your spring plants for 2024.

Combo Pluot Tree (4 varieties)

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A Pluot is a plum-apricot cross that leans 75 percent towards the plum. The different varieties vary in fruit skin color, from yellow to red, making this a beautiful combination tree. The fruit is of excellent quality, incredibly sweet, plum-like, with an apricot aftertaste. Ripens in July. The four varieties are the new Dapple Dandy, Flavor Queen, Flavor King, and Flavor Supreme. The tree is self-fertile and will pollinize early ripening Japanese plums. These super sweet, patented Floyd Zaiger introductions are recommended for USDA Zones 6-9. They need only 600 hours chilling and thrive in areas where hot summers bring out their incredible sweetness and complex flavor. (Not Western Washington)

USDA Zone: 6-9

Grow Height: 15' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July-August

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Rootstock: Citation

Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Hi I want to order a combo pluot tree it says there are some in stock. But when I went toorder it says next spring

    Yes, these are grown bareroot so they are shipped out between Jan-May depending on which state you live in, see our shipping chart here and find your state:

  • Will this tree do well in Pullman, WA (6B)?

    Western WA is tends to have too short of a growing season, and too little heat, for reliable pluot production outside of a greenhouse.

  • I live in the high desert in SoCa. I’m interested in the plot tree would this grow in my zone?

    Most likely yes, Pluots tend to do well in California climates. Without knowing your exact location and conditions it's hard to say more. Feel free to contact your regional plant ambassador through our Help Center for more information.

  • I live in pa zone 6a will they need to be protected over winter?

    Yes, you should plan on at least an annual layer of mulch to protect the roots during colder winters. It CAN survive zone 6a, but will do better with some protection.

  • Can this tree do well in Dallas, Texas?

    Yes, Pluot trees love the heat!

  • How long before it fruite once is in the ground

    If the tree establishes well within 2-3 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Updated Review on the Combo Pluot Tree:

All four trees are growing great, so my review was a bit premature. Never underestimate the greatness of the Raintree experts. I'm very happy with it.

Great tree!

It came in such great condition! I've ordered a lot of bare root trees from various nurseries but this tree blew them all out of the water! Large root system in great condition and the trunk was sturdy and thick. All 4 scions were well seated and sturdy as well! I have high hopes for this tree and hope to start getting pluots soon!

Tyler N.
Pluot 4-1 tree

The Tree arrived in good shape well packaged and roots kept moist. Tree is beginning to leaf out two weeks after planting. It is nice to get a thanks from those who own the business. Thank you my gardening Friends for a really good experience.

Barton D.
Combo Pluot Tree

I got my Combo Pluot tree, and I panted it that day. it came brown and dry. the bag that the roots came in was most and wet. the big roots were cut off and some of the little roots fall off. but then again I guess it doesn't matter if it grows. I'm really looking forward to eating them.

Joe B.
Generous size trees

Every other nursery sends trees that are barely as thick or as tall as they advertise. Raintree under-promised and over-delivered. Their stock is hardy, bigger than promised, and came out of dormancy and leafed out right on cue.

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