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European Plum Trees

Prunus domestica

We offer over 40 of the best European plums. They come from all over the continent, from cultures that have been valuing their unique flavors, textures and uses for centuries.

Pollination of European plums can be somewhat confusing, so here are a few simple hints. Mirabelle plums pollinize other Mirabelle plums, but due to their minimal pollen production, cannot be relied upon to pollinate other plums. All other Euro plums, if they are blooming at the same time, will pollinize all other Euro plums (even Mirabelles). Self fruitful plums do not REQUIRE a pollinizing partner, but will set more fruit if they have one.

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    Pozegaca European Plum

    A unique introduction to American gardeners! Also known as Hauszwetsche. In Eastern Europe, Pozegaca is famous for many processing purposes includi...

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