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Orus 8 Goose/Currant

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Ribes nidigrolaria 'Orus 8'

BLACK CURRANT-GOOSEBERRY HYBRIDS ARE PROHIBITED TO DE, ME, NC, NJ, WV, VA, MI, MA, OH& RI. Rust resistant varieties may be shipped to OH & MI(With Permit)

Orus 8 is a new jostaberry (pronounced yust-a-berry) variety from the Germplasm Repository for the genus Ribes at Corvallis, OR.  Jostaberry, a complex cross of a black currant and gooseberry species, is a durable, carefree grower in many regions. The seedless fruit is oval, medium size with a shiny, black color and a much improved flavor compared to the original jostaberry. It can be eaten fresh, dried, or used to make jelly or wine.

The bush is very mildew and aphid resistant. It is an upright grower (like currant) with leaves like a gooseberry, and many thorns. Can grow in sun or shade, but prefers afternoon shade in hot summer areas. Hardy too - USDA Zones 3-8

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Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • Does Orus-8 need a pollinator?

    No, like other Jostaberries, Orus-8 is self fertile.

  • Hello Is Orus-8 resistant to WPBR? Thanks

    Yes, both the standard and ORUS-8 Jostaberry are resistant to White Pine Blister Rust.

  • Hi. Hope you’re having a good day. Do deer eat this Orus 8 goose current bush/plant? When does it bloom and do pollinators like the blooms? Thank you.

    Deer eat everything eventually. It blooms with other currants and bees do make use of thier flowers.

  • Is Orus goose currant the same as Jostenberry

    No. Orus 8 is a 2-way hybrid and has throns, while Jostaberry is a 3-way hybrid and is thornless

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Arrived in good condition. Had a few green shoots on it. Will see what happens now that it’s planted. Excited to see how it does.

Doing well

I am a longtime customer of rain-tree. I ordered five variety’s of gooseberries early last spring. We live at 4350 ft on the Canadian border in Washington. This ours 8 is doing well like the other 4 varieties. It is dec 14 and they just lost the last of thier leaves last week. The ours 8 produced about 10 berries the same summer it was planted. I am a big fan of rain tree and this ours 8 met my high expectations

Garret S.
Fast growing

This plant has been doing great in western Washington. I got a crop the first year in the ground then the following year got a large crop.


Appears to be awakening from dormancy well. Good looking plant.


I paid an outrageous delivery fee and had to go to my mailbox and pick up my package because UPS is too lazy to bring it to my home. FEDEX delivers to my front porch. I will not purchase from rain tree again unless they quit using UPS. the plants are fine. We will see how they grow in the coming months since they are in a dormant state.