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Necta Zee Nectarine

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Prunus persica var. nectarina 'Necta Zee'

Bred in California, nectarine 'Necta Zee' is a genetically dwarf variety, making it ideal for growing in containers! The delicious crop of nectarines can be harvested in August from an attractive 'mop head' of branches. Enjoy the exquisitely flavored, yellow-fleshed, red-skinned fruits on this beautiful, freestone, dwarf nectarine tree.

It will grow to about 5' tall and wide. Low chill; only 500 chill hours needed. On Lovell rootstock.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 6

Mature Height:  5' (Mini Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: Lovell

Read our Nectarine Growing Guide

Size Options: Mini-Dwarf (2'-3')


Ask a Question
  • Are any of these Nectarines "Peach Leaf Curl" resistant?

    Not at all! You will need to spray or shelter them to grow them without leaf curl disease.

  • Is it too late to plant this tree in Arizona (may/june) since temps are in 90s-100s or would next year (feb/march) be safer?

    Yes that is too late. Planting in the spring is much safer and easier.

  • With regards to chilling hours, will this tree grow successfully in Southwestern Arizona (specifically Sierra Vista, AZ)?

    Necatzee needs 400 plus chilling hours. You would need to contact your local agriculture department to get the chilling hours for your area.

  • Does this tree require hours of cold stratification to fruit?

    Nectazee required 400+ chill hours to flower and fruit.

  • Is this tree self-pollinating?

    Yes this tree is self fertile.

  • How many chill hours?

    400+chilling hours - making them a great option in most of the United States.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
All three mini-dwarf Necta-Zee’s look ok

I ordered three neck disease and each one came about two weeks apart. The first was the smallest the third was the tallest. The first one is just beginning to leave out and I’ve had it for about a month. There’s just a little bit of green on the buds. I’m fairly certain they will all be OK as they look like they are simply dormant and are just beginning to wake up

Great Little Dwarf Tree

The tree was delivered it good shape with only one snapped twig, and the rootstock is very well developed with a thick trunk and lots of roots. After only a week or two it's already leafing out!


Beautiful trees bloomed and are doing very well

Shelley B.
Dwarf nectarine

Bare root nectarine tree arrived in beautiful shape. Roots were healthy and moist. I soaked it in water for about an hour then immediately planted it. This was just a few days ago, but so far so good.

Merrilee G.
Beautiful specimen

I am very pleased with the nectarine tree recently received. It has 3 main trunks and has already started to leaf out. Can hardly wait to taste the fruit.