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Cascade Sunburst™ Huckleberry

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Vaccinium ovatum 'Cascade Sunburst' ™

Get a "burst" of vivid variegated color - even in your shady spots! Cascade Sunburst huckleberry combines ornamental value with evergreen huckleberry production for a new look in your landscape. The new spring growth emerges a vivid coral, gradually turning green with creamy variegations. Spring's pale pink, urn-shaped flowers are followed by summer's glossy, tiny purple-black berries just right for eating fresh or making pies.

The neatly shaped upright bush grows to about 4’ x 4’ in full sun to full shade. Partially self-fertile, Cascade Sunburst will produce more fruit with a second variety of evergreen huckleberry nearby.

USDA Zone: 7-9

Grow Height:  4’ x 4’

Sun: Sun to Shade - prefers some shade in Hotter Climates

Ripening Time: Summer

Pollination: Benefits from a Pollinizer

Size: 1 Qt Pot


Ask a Question
  • What height do these huckleberry bushes reach?

    Potentially up to 4 feet tall in good conditions. Huckleberries grow much more slowing in full sun and do best in full shade (the opposite of most berries).

  • Will it grow and produce berries in Houston? Around 500 chill hrs.

    Probably not, huckleberries typically need around 1000 chill hours.

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