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Yezberry® MAXIE™

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Lonicera caerulea 'Kuchi' 

Grow a berry bush with serious flavor—not just a boring hedge! Yezberry MAXIE™ Japanese haskap (aka honeyberry) honors breeder Dr. Maxine Thompson and gives cold region and maritime gardeners an easy treat in earliest summer. With a tangy flavor that's like a raspberry with a bit of earthy blackberry, when the berries are dark blue through-and-through is the time to enjoy them. Yezberry is a newer category of honeyberry from an exclusively Japanese subspecies from Hokkaido (formerly called Yez Island), and these late-blooming varieties match up reliably with each other. Plan to buy them in sets for heavier yields!

Pair with any other variety of Yezberry for reliable pollination. Yezberry is developed for slightly warmer regions than most haskaps, and is better suited for cool maritime locations. Bushes tend to go into early dormancy when temperatures are consistently above 86F, so not for hot summer climates. Can prefer afternoon shade in long-summer regions.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 2

Mature Height: 5’- 6'

Sun: Full Sun to Afternoon Shade in Warmer Areas

Ripening Time: Early Summer

Pollination: Requires a different Yezberry variety planted nearby.

Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • hardiness zone?

    Hardy to USDA Zone 3.

  • Spokane ok for this? summers are hotter now than USDA notes. Should I plant with "Solo"?

    A good question! Yezberry, which is a haskap/honeyberry, doesn't do well in temperatures over 86 degrees (for more than a week) and may go into early dormancy (in the middle summer and look dead). If you decide to try it, Solo is a good partner for pollination.

  • what plant zones? how big does this bush get?

    Hardy to USDA Zone 3. Mature size is roughly 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide.

  • What zone?

    Hardy to USDA Zone 3

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