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Weeping Santa Rosa Plum

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Prunus salicina x 'Weeping Santa Rosa'

A fantastic focal point in your edible landscape, the Weeping Santa Rosa has a beautiful draping habit, showy late blossoms, and delicious fruit. Grows to 8'-10' tall and has attractive white blossoms in early spring. While it doesn't set large crops of fruit, Santa Rosa plums are a beautiful claret red, and intensely flavorful.

Requires only 200-400 chill hours to set fruit, and ripens 2-3 weeks later than standard Santa Rosa, so best suited for growers with long, hot summers. Shipped plants have been pruned to fit in the box; please support any emerging branch to become the new central leader, and tie that branch in an upright position to your tree support post that should be as tall as you want the tree to be at maturity. Once the central leader reaches the desired height, you can allow the branch to begin to weep; any other branches emerging at that height will weep as well. Prune off any lower weeping branches as needed. Patented by Floyd Zaiger.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height:  8'-10' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: Myro 29C

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Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


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  • I brought this tree 2-3 years ago and it looks nothing like the one in the picture. Mine is over 10ft tall and the branches are not weeping. still happy with it but it seems to be getting very big. why is this ?

    Please provide pictures to our horticultuist through our help center so she can take a look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barbara A.
Shipped too early

expecting them until April 22 but you shipped month early March 11 we had low temp frost 34 degrees. So not happy. Had place in warm water in house wait till temp improved

Misty m.
Hoping for some good growth

Box super beat up and crushed uo but trees intact ,this isn't fault if the seller. Basic dormant "sticks" but will definitely update probably in the fall or spring I have set the notification on my calender. I ordered 4-5 foot they where both exactly 48 inches


We received and planted our weeping Santa Rosa plum tree about a week ago and are already seeing growth - little green leaves (maybe forming branches?). You can tell that the tree was cared for very well. I’m very excited to see its development over the years. Would love if Raintree could do a YouTube video specifically about the dwarf Weeping Santa Rosa. :)


Good looking stick, a good amount of viable, moist roots. Soaked overtime and planted it the next day, so far, so good and can't wait for it to bud a start producing some nice switches and fruit, fingers crossed maybe in two seasons from now I'll be rolling in plums

Josephine M.

I recently moved to Nevada and I grew this tree in California. I loved it. I have purchased two of these for my new home and have arrived in perfect shape and look healtht.