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Oyster Mushroom Dowels (100)

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Pleurotus ostreatus

Among the easiest of mushrooms to grow and an excellent introduction to home mushroom cultivation. The mushrooms are usually white to pale gray or brown, flattened or somewhat funnel-shaped and usually borne in large shelf-like clusters. The flavor is mild and delicious. They are great breaded and fried, added to stir fries or stroganoff, or dried for future use. This mushroom is commonly collected by wild mushroom hunters. Package of 100 dowel plugs; we recommend using a 5/16" drill bit set at 1" depth to drill holes for the dowels.

Size Options: Dowels


Ask a Question
  • What type of wood is best to grow these mushrooms?

    Most hard woods work fine. Alder, maple, cottonwood, oak, etc. Not as good on evergreens, but your mileage may vary.

  • Can I grow this mushroom outdoor in winter in Seattle area?

    Absolutely. The key with outdoor cultivation is moisture - keeping them wet without actually drowning them.

  • Is there a certain kind of log I need to put these into?

    Hardwood. Oyster is pretty forgiving so you have a lot of options. Alder, Elm, Maple, and even Oak are common selections.

  • Are these perennial in zone 6?

    Yes! Provided they can spread to more wood once they exhaust their initial log.

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