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Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.
Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.

Oyster Mushroom Kit

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Now you enjoy this gourmet wild mushroom in any season. Place the kit anywhere where the temperature is above 60 degrees and within a couple weeks you will be enjoying your first crop. After one or two crops have been harvested, the kit can be used as spawn to grow virtually an unlimited amount of oyster mushrooms on spent coffee grounds. Complete instructions provided.

Size Options: 1 Mushroom Kit


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  • Can these spawn be grown in your garden on straw?

    Yes, if the straw is chopped, wet, initially compressed, and irrigated. Air pockets, dry patches, and direct sunlight are the enemy when establishing Oyster mushrooms.

  • Hi, I harvested the first round of Oyster Mushrooms from the kit. But, they didn't come back again. I cannot find instructions on your website. Could you give me a link please? Thanks.

    It needs more water and maybe some whacks with a light object to stimulate the mycelium.

Customer Reviews

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Shirley T.

I love the oyster mushroom kit.
It was shipped in perfect condition.
Mi had it for two weeks now.

You should see the big bunch of
Mushrooms that produced.

I have just ordered another kit. The flavor was extra good.