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Orders placed today will ship on our last truck of the season, scheduled to ship out the week of 5/23. Bareroot items are for Pickup Only.
Orders placed today ship on last truck of the season, scheduled the week of 5/23. Bareroot items are for Pickup Only.

Tri Lite Peach/Plum

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Interspecific peach: peach/plum; Prunus persica hybrid

A novel cross of 3/4 peach and 1/4 Japanese plum, from the fields of the venerable plant breeder Floyd Zaiger. This pretty and colorful newcomer has a yellow background with orange, rose and amber blushing, and the juicy, clingstone flesh is firm and white - with yellow and orange striping! The classic, white peach flavor has a wonderful plum aftertaste that is truly unique.  Great flavor canned or eaten fresh. Fruits are medium size and lightly fuzzy.

This early-season ripener is also self fertile - unlike most modern interspecific crosses - however, you will produce more fruit if you plant it with another peach. Enjoy the showy pink spring flowers and the low chill hours ; only 300+ will do the trick. Southern growers: take note! Does well in hot summers and the mid-late bloom makes it a good one to try in maritime climates or regions with variable spring weather. Some growers report moderate resistance to peach leaf curl.


USDA Zone: 5-9

Grow Height:  14'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Early

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: Lovell standard

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Sold out
SKU C351