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Marquis Seedless Grape

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Vitis labrusca x vinifera 'Marquis'

Marquis is a new, large, very productive, mid-season white seedless grape from Cornell that is ideally suited for cold-winter home gardeners and u-pick operations. Juicy, round grapes with excellent flavor ripen in large clusters, and the vines are very hardy. Plant Patent 11012. It has excellent flavor: exquisitely rich and fruity, and gets richer and juicier if left to ripen on the vine an extra 5 to 10 days.

Ripens mid-to-late September in Geneva NY. Spur prune. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 4.

A grapevine can be both a highly productive source of fruit and a focal point of considerable beauty. Think carefully about where to plant one to provide shade, cover a wall or accentuate an arch. We offer grapes most of which will ripen even in areas with cool summers. The ripening dates listed are for the cooler parts of Western Washington, but most ripen sooner and thrive where summers are warmer. 

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  • Are these slip-skin? And what's the texture like?

    Marquis is a seedless slipskin grape with a vestigial jelly-like plup where the seed would normally be. They are sweet to start and tart to finish.

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Alan D.
To New

It is hard to say one way or the other about the product. I have it in the ground and now waiting for it to show signs of life. The item was well packed and was shipped great. I would buy it again.