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*Attention* our garden center is currently closed to the public. You may place an order for pickup by ordering online or calling us at 800-391-8892 to reserve a time to pick up your order.
*Attention* our garden center is currently closed to the public. You may place an order for pickup by ordering online or calling us at 800-391-8892 to reserve a time to pick up your order.

Harvesting and Cooking Oyster Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest

Laura Sweany, Horticulture expert with Raintree Nursery, harvests and processes wild Oyster mushrooms growing right here in the Pacific Northwest! Delicious! Let's go!

Raintree Nursery Tour of Inspiration Farm w/Brian Kerkvliet

What an adventure! Laura Sweany, horticulture expert at Raintree Nursery, joins Brian Kerkvliet for a tour of his awesome Permaculture project in Bellingham. Visit Inspiration Farm at:

Raintree Nursery Visits Kailash Ecovillage w/Ole Errson

Laura Sweany, horticulture and adventure expert at Raintree Nursery, visits the world famous Kailash Ecovillage in Portland Oregon! Ole Ersson takes us on the grand tour of everything from the gardens and trees to the unique infrastructure elements that make their project such a success. Learn more at:

Raintree Nursery Tours the

Outback Farm!

Join Laura Sweany, intrepid explorer and horticulture expert at Raintree Nursery, as she takes a tour of the Outback Farm at Fairhaven College! This student-run project features everything from bees and trees, to p-patch plots and an earth-sheltered greenhouse! Check out the farm at for more info.

Raintree Nursery in Suburbia

with Jan Spencer!

Laura Sweany, horticulture expert with Raintree Nursery, visits suburban permaculture pioneer and sustainability activist Jan Spencer at his home in Eugene, Oregon! Jan Spencer has been advocating for transforming suburbia, alternative economics, and re-imagining culture for decades - in and around his home in the Cascadia Bioregion. Check out more of Jan Spencer's work at 

Raintree Nursery Presents Cloud Mountain Farm Center!

Join us for another adventure! This week we take a trip to Cloud Mountain Farm Center and Nursery in Everson, WA! Cheryl Thornton takes us on a guided tour of the orchards, fruit packing facilities, and everything else that makes this WA state nursery so unique. You can also visit them online at to see more! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and visit us at for more great content!

Raintree Nursery Heads Back to

School at Log Hollow Farm!

Laura Sweany, horticulture expert at Raintree Nursery, takes an eye-opening tour with Rohn of Log Hollow Farms in Chehalis, WA! The Log Hollow Farms project began as an experimental permaculture farm with a social justice mission at its core. Today, the 9-year-old farm is evolving into York College of Agriculture and Technology; a college focused on developing the farming and technical skills of 18 to 25-year-olds from emerging communities. For more information check out:

Building a King Stropharia Bed

in Your Backyard!

Resident Horticulture expert, and mushroom lover, Laura Sweany gives usthe step-by-step process for starting your own King Stropharia mushroombed. Mushrooms are fun and easy to grow additions to your home orchardor garden that benefit everyone!

Raintree Nursery Discovers Queen Mountain Homestead!

This week Jane Campbell, and her husband Professor Paul Kearsley, demonstrate the amazing things you can accomplish with some proper planning and elegant design. Queen Mountain Homestead, located in Bellingham, WA is the result of only 5 years of collaborative effort and expert design choices! This location features a wealth of applied Permaculture strategies, an ever-evolving annual garden, and even demonstrates how pigs can help plant trees!

Raintree Nursery Does Young Tree Care! Feat. Laura Sweany

This week Laura Sweany, horticulture expert at Raintree Nursery, goes over the care of feeding of a newly planted tree. How a tree is cared for while it is establishing is as important as how it was planted - in some cases even more so. Laura shows you everything to need to know in this video! 

Raintree Nursery Fruit Tasting!

Berries Galore!

Laura Sweany, horticulture expert and fruit connoisseur at Raintree Nursery, tests and tastes seasonal delights from her very own berry bushes! A seasonal smorgasbord awaits and a special guest arrives to offer their experience discovering new fruits!

Raintree Nursery Does Bench Grafting! Feat. Xander Rose

This week Xander Rose, field manager at Raintree Nursery, does a quick how-to video on bench grafting! See how fast and easy it can be to propagate your own trees with the right tools and techniques!