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Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.
Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.

Black Tartarian Cherry

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Prunus avium 'Black Tartarian'

Black Tartarian is an heirloom variety of sweet cherry. It originated in Russia, where it grows native in the Circassia region, Black Tartarian was introduced in England in 1794 as Roland's Large Black Heart. Later it would make to European markets renamed Fraser's Black Tartarian, by which we know it today. Black Tartarian has a sweet, fruity flavor and is commonly used for jams and sauces, as well as traditionally pickled in Eastern Europe. 

Black Tartarian is an early ripening cherry that is well adapted to most soil conditions. Needs a pollinizer, which can be any other sweet cherry variety except Lambert, Royal Ann or Napoleon. Requires 700+ chill hours.

USDA Zone: 5-8

Grow Height: Standard 25'-30'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: June

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer 

Standard Rootstock: Mazzard

Read our Cherry Growing Guide

Size: Standard (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • How are these trees shipped?

    These trees are shipped bareroot

  • Will a Morello pollinate a black tartarian

    No, Black Tartarian is a sweet cherry and English Morello is a sour cherry.

  • Does a black tartarian cross pollinate with a Regina cherry tree

    Yes that should work fine.

  • does a Bing cherry and a Black Tartarian cherry cross pollinate togehter?

    It should in most areas, yes.

  • Hello, can the Black Tartarian cherry be pollinated by theNorth Star Cherry tree?

    Probably not as North Star is a sour cherry and Black Tartarian is a sweet cherry.

  • Hello, can the Black Tartarian cherry be pollinated by the Tehranivee cherry? Thank you

    Yes! They do well together!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
dan g.

Trees arrived in great shape and are growing fine

Brad O.
Giving this one a try

The day I received my bare root tree I planted it. In less then a week it was bursting with new foliage! I have another that I planted last year. Both were savagely attacked by Japanese beetles!

susan s.
looking good

Just came two weeks ago, I planted after soaking rots overnight. Has new leaves on it already. Off to a good start..

D B.
Leaves are wilting

Initially the tree was ok but within the last week all the new leaves are wilting. See photos below. It’s in a pot for now so watering/ soil should not be an issue. What can I do?