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Cascade Delight Raspberry

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Rubus idaeus 'Cascade Delight'

Cascade Delight shows outstanding resistance to root rot, meaning it will thrive in wetter gardens where other varieties have failed. Similar in season and productivity to Tulameen, this variety boasts bigger, firmer berries. Expect a heavy yield of berries with an intense, traditional raspberry flavor, beginning in July and continuing for a month or more. On wet sites, improve drainage by growing on an 18" mound.

USDA Zone: 6-9

Grow Height:  5' (Small)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self Fertile

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Size: 2YR Bareroot Cane


Ask a Question
  • I have Tulameen raspberry and has a cane die off disease. I would like to replace with similar resistant variety. Can I order enough for a 50ft row

    You will only need like 25-30 canes, so that should be fine

  • Do these have a finite lifespan? I've been growing 'Cascade Delight' for 14 years and they are lovely, but most of my row have died off over past 3 years while 'Willamette' variety in same row are thriving and filling the empty space? They show no signs of disease and produce heavy but one-by-one just don't throw up usable primocanes anymore. Then over a year or two the bases die off. If old age is a thing then I want to order more. But I don't want to waste the money/time if it's some other problem. Any ideas?

    The short answer is yes. Typically a raspberry crown reachs the end of it's peak productive life at 4-5 years and declines after that.

  • can these be planted in containers?

    They can yes. They will grow to 8 feet tall however so be prepared for that.

  • is the cascade delight raspberry thornless

    Raspberries don't have really have thorns, but do have stiff hairs that can occasionally poke you. The only hairless/thornless raspberry is the Bushel and Berry Raspberry shortcake.

  • do you send only one cane or a group of 3?

    We can send as few as one cane, yes.

  • Is this raspberry RBDV immune?

    No, you will need something like Caroline for Heritage for resistance to RBDV. Please note that, like any virus, RBDV is prone to mutation and cultivars currently considered resistant or immune may not be in following years.

  • I purchased the cascade delight raspberry barefoot canes in February of this year and some of them are 9 feet tall which is nearly double the described height. What could cause that?

    Good soil and lots of water. Congratulations!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sergiu H.
First purchase from Raintree

I purchased 20 cascade delight raspberry bare roots and 3 Italian plum trees. They were all packaged nicely with no issues whatsoever. Planted all of them and they’re all doing really good. The trees are probably the best ones I’ve planted so far. Within a few days they were sprouting everywhere. And all 20 raspberries are looking good. I’m very happy with the purchase and will definitely purchase again and have already recommended Raintree to my friends. 😎👍🏻

Robert S.j.
Cascade Delight bare root raspberry plants

My plants were packaged dry well for a safe trip to Michigan. I was very pleased at the quality of the plants upon arrival. The plants are currently sending up new shoots after being planted for only 2 weeks. Thank You.

adam c.
Fresh Raspberries

Came in wrapped up like a little bundle of joy just waiting to be planted in the soil. Can't wait to watch it grow and start producing some delicious fruits.

John N.
So Far So Good!

My Cascade Delight Raspberry plants arrived nicely packaged and in good condition. I planted them and they are now sticks with leaves beginning to emerge. I have no doubt that these will be prolific plants that will produce an abundance of high quality fruit.

Walter S.
Weather always wins

I’ve grown these raspberries at a former home, so I know the berries, and Raintree, are first rate. There’s no way around this I don’t imagine, but their arrival here coincided with a miserable stretch of weather that made site prep pretty impossible. I’m just now overcoming that, with planting set for tomorrow AM.