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Evereste Crabapple

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Malus domestica 'Evereste'

Enjoy this fantastic edible ornamental throughout the year! Each spring, this highly disease-resistant tree from France is covered from base to summit with fragrant, beautiful, long-lasting white flowers. Every summer the tree is a spectacle in red, covered with hundreds of round tart fruit about an inch in diameter. Use the fruit to make jelly, pickled apples, or add with other apples to make a wonderful cider. The tree is naturally smaller than most, with branches arched out from the weight of the fruit, which hangs until mid-winter, so the birds can eat what you don't. Reliably self-fruitful in most locations.

Of the many dozens of varieties in the disease-resistant crab apple trials, Evereste was the most resistant, easiest to care for and the most beautiful. Raintree has made an agreement with the INRA breeding program in Angers, France. We have introduced this beauty to the U. S. Royalties for the registered variety sales go to support Western Washington Tree Fruit Research! 

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 4

Mature Height: 5' (Mini Dwarf), 14' (Semi Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Time: Midseason, Bloom Group 3

Ripening Time: October/November

Pollination: Reliably self-fruitful in most locations

Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: M27

Semi-Dwarf Rootstock: MM106

Read our Apple Growing Guide


Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Uh oh, I saw that this needs pollination didn't realize it needs another tree. I ordered one tree (also ordered a Hollywood Plum). What do I do if I want only one tree of each and not multiple because of pollination?

    You will need another apple tree within the right blooming period. Other crabapples will do it, but you can check out our Apple Growing Guide for a full blooming chart.

  • Will this tree grow in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (say between the cities of Escanaba and Iron Mountain)?

    Yes! It will do fine.

  • Will this tree grow well in East Texas (zone 8b) ?

    It should yes, if you are growing it primarily for the flowers.

  • Is this resistant to fire blight?

    As a crabapple it has a native resistance to scab, but not fire blight.

  • Is Everseste crabapple and early or late bloomer?

    It is an early to mid season bloomer, like most crabapples.

  • How large are the crabapple when fully ripe?

    About the size of a large gumball.

  • we are interested in the semi dwarf Evereste crab apple. They will grow to 10', correct? or higher possibly? Are they in gallon pots or bare root? We have about 10 that we bought several years ago from you and would like to add a few more. We live on Vashon. Thx, Joanne

    10 - 12 feet-ish. They are bareroot plants.

  • I have an apple ,Albermarle Pippin, which I purchased from the Aebemarle Cider Works in Virginia. The first year produced no fruit in SPring. In September , however it bloomed and now are a clutch of small fruit . Yet like all inveterate apple it is not self fertile. Can you explain this?

    Many pollinators have a wide range of pollen collection. There is another apple tree somewhere you aren't aware of.

  • asking again....please confirm this needs a pollinator. All research indicates that it DOES NOT. I will not order until I know. Thanks so much!

    It absolutely needs a pollinizer in most regions.

  • Are you sure Everest needs a pollinator? All the research I have done indicates that this is a self-fertile tree. Please confirm. Thank you.

    Self fertility varies from region to region with apples. In our region it needs a pollinizer. In your region it may or may not.

  • Last year we planted an Arkansas Black which (so far) has survived our unusually long, hot summer and deer; the Granny Smith didn't. Will The "Black' pollinate and receive pollination from the Evereste Crabapple?

    Fortunately yes! Evereste is late blooming for a crab apple and should cross pollinate fine

  • Does the Evereste Crabapple mini-dwarf really grow to a maximum height of only 5 feet? If that is the case then I would love to grow several since we have a small yard. Let me know if this is certainly the case.

    Yes for real, that's the magic of the mini-dwarf rootstock!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gorgeous, healthy trees!

I ordered two of the semi-dwarf trees and was blown away by how beautiful and healthy they were upon arrival!

Planted them out with a hardware cloth cage sunk 18” down (resident groundhog and moles) that also protects the trunk. Watering regularly while they get established.

They flowered and fruited this first year! The deer enjoyed all the fruit and many leaves, but they’re churning out fresh leaves and will be just fine. Eventually they’ll get too tall for the deer to do much damage, I suppose!

Tree was wrapped Great and in great condition

No complaints! It looks vigorous and I’m excited to see it grow

Wonderful little tree

I have had several of these trees from Raintree, for my own garden and as gifts. I get the mini dwarf option. These trees are great for small gardens and relative to size have a wonderful flower show in the Spring & many fruit for birds in the fall The instructions indicate pollinator required but they have been producing & flowering without a planned pollinator - perhaps as there are other crabapples nearby. Easy, happy trees. Raintree has always sent nice specimens - several had buds for instant blooms first year.

Jody B.
I actually love the taste

My first Evereste tree came about a year ago or so. I loved the taste. So did my dogs. I meant to use them for pectin for our fruit canning. That did not work as me and the dogs ate them. I did conserve by eating only two a day for each of us - me and dogs. No one else in my family likes them. So, I decided to get 2 more trees. They just arrived and are leafing. I grew the first in the ground but due to rains, not being able to get out and dig, we have placed them into half barrel planters. Likely will replant in ground next winter season, maybe. If they do well, we may not. Hopefully, there will be enough for pectin. Otherwise, they will pollinate our apple trees. I got the dwarf trees. One in the front yard, two in back yard. I am happy with them.

Kim H.
Wonderful trees!

I received 5 semi-dwarf Evereste Crabapple. As usual, they came well packed and wrapped. To my delight, all five were almost identical in size and form - perfect for my little avenue of trees. They are now leafing out, extremely healthy, every branch fully leafed. Couldn't be happier.