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Fignomenal Fig

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Ficus carica 'Fignomenal'

Big things come in small packages! Fignomenal fig is a new miniature fig perfect for large pots and patios! Discovered as a branch mutation from a Chicago Hardy fig, the Fignomenal only grows up to 28” tall and wide, so it’s excellently suited for urban gardening and small spaces. Pop it in a pretty container and watch it flourish on your patio, porch, or sunroom. Fignomenal is self-fertile and produces small brown fruits with an amber-red interior flesh, much like its Chicago Hardy parent.

Similar to Petite Negri or Violette du Bordeaux. Fignomenal needs as much heat as it can get to fruit in northern climates, but thanks to its small size it can be brought indoors at the end of the warm season to finish ripening its fruits.

USDA Zone: 7

Mature Height: 28" x 28"

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August-October outdoors, Year Round indoors

Pollination: Self-Fertile

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Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • What size tree and container is this shipped in?

    12"-18" in a one gallon pot.

  • How much time from planting can this little fig be expected to produce fruit?

    Figs tend to fruit quickly once they have established, so within a couple years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quality plant

Plant came nicely packaged and is looking healthier in its new pot for almost a week now.

Get Figgy!

Super excited. This is my first real tree. Working on a Miss Figgy cutting but hoping I get fruit from your tree this season.

Kathy Z.
High Hopes

I had high hopes for this fig tree, but I have a bit of a setback. When I opened the box the paper packing was very loose throughout, allowing the pots to move around during transit. I was wondering why the top of the main fig branch had turned brown, and discovered bark at the base missing. (This box also contained blueberry bushes. I found some of the leaves shredded in the bottom of the box, and one of the pots broken.) I’ve been monitoring the plants over the past couple of weeks, they appear to be strong enough to recover, but I would have preferred the fig tree to have retained the central branch. I would recommend your co. rethink your packaging. I also ordered from other well known companies, not a leaf out of place.