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Fred Gravenstein Apple

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Malus domestica 'Fred Gravenstein'

Fred is RED! This strain of Gravenstein has the wonderful complex flavor, early-ripening, snappy texture, and all the other traits of the Gravenstein apple. We selected it in a trial of more than a dozen strains of Gravenstein at the WSU Mt. Vernon trials for its large size, productivity and beautiful red and yellow color. 

This variety is a triploid and is pollen sterile. It will not pollinize other varieties.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: 6' (Mini Dwarf), 9' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: EMLA 27

Dwarf Rootstock: M26

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Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • What pollinizer does the Fred Gravenstein Apple need?

    Check out our Apple Growing Guide for a list of pollination partners and an explination of polyploid apple tree pollination.

  • Will a Scarlet Sentinel columnar tree pollinate a gravenstein? Or a Chehalis? Will trees in Bloom group 2 pollinate Group 1? Particularly the Fred Gravenstein. Thanks!

    Yes, trees in bloom group 1 are pollinated by and with trees from both bloom group 1 and bloom group 2.

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