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Pixwell Gooseberry

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Ribes uva-crispa x missouriense 'Pixwell'

Prohibited to DE, ME, NC, NH, NJ & WV, and by permit only to MA.

Unlike most gooseberries, Pixwell has very few thorns, making the harvest of its abundant, crunchy, mild and sweet pink-to-purple berries less of an adventure and more of a pleasure. It is rust and mildew resistant and has decorative burgundy fall leaf color. One of the best for pies and jams (and the landscape)! Ripens early-midseason and averages 4-5# yield per plant. Canes are vigorous and spreading, with a mature bush size of about 4' x 5'.

Prefers sun to part shade in hotter summer climates. Evenly moist soils with optimal ph of 5.8-6.8 and amended with organic matter regularly will produce vigorous plants with best yields. Plants reach mature bearing age by years 4-5, but begin fruiting as early as year 2, and will remain productive for 15-20 years or more. Space at 4'-5' for optimal airflow.

Gooseberries, highly prized in Europe as an important part of a well-rounded garden, have been sadly neglected in America, perhaps because people remember gooseberries as tart and mouth puckering - but sweet varieties are wonderful for fresh eating! Gooseberries generally ripen in early summer, just after strawberries. We offer well-rooted, one-year bushes. Hardy to USDA Zone 3.

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Size: 2YR Bareroot


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  • Do I need two trees for pollination?

    Great question! No, generally gooseberries are self fertile, but you will get more fruit with a second variety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan M.
Pixwell bare root goosberry

My Pixwell and Tixia bare root gooseberry plants arrived in beautiful condition, with live buds galore. I immediately planted them, as directed per Raintree's good instructions, and within a week the branches on both plants were covered with green leaves. I've never purchased such healthy bare root plants as these from Raintree Nursery. I'll be a repeat customer for sure.

Erika V.
So far so good.

Flavor: yet to be determined. Delivery was well-done, plants have good root systems, decent size. Leaves appeared quickly.

Andrey A.

very happy growing well

Alan T.
Outstanding plant.

Packaging excellent, plant amazing, 8-10 major branches w/leaf buds every 3/4 inch, well-developed root mass to 1' below crown. Planted in 50% homemade compost. One week later it is producing a total leafsplosion of powering up. Very powerful biological engine carefully tended by Raintree Nursery. I want more.