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Rosy Gage™ European Plum

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Prunus domestica 'Rosy Gage'

The Cambridge Gage's American cousin from NY! You will love the dense, rich flavor and juicy, syrupy texture of this bumptious beauty. Rosy-skinned and yellow-fleshed, Rosy Gage has the same productive yields as most Gage family members, as well as their extra juice and high sugar content - but Cornell University has produced a variety with an extended harvest window. You can return again and again to this tree to enjoy fruits at their absolute peak of ripeness!

Several pickings, beginning in late August, will allow for a complete harvest. Vigorous grower with strong, spreading branch angles. Formerly known as NY 101 Gage. Requires a pollinizer.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Grow Height:  12' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August-September

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Rootstock: St. Julian A

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Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Will this do well with the Purple gage European plum? Thank you


  • How many chill hours are required?

    700+ chilling hours

  • Can you cross pollinate a European plum with an Asian plum?

    In a controlled environment where they are forced to bloom at the same time, yes. Outdoors in natural blooming cycles, very unlikely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dorian M.
Healthy tree!

Received our tree in great shape and bigger than expected. Very healthy plant, packaged well and safely.

Received it

Looks great!

Gina B.
Love my new Rosy Gage plums!

I have a young Rosy Gage tree which had it’s first small crop last summer. It is next to a Stanley Plum, which is a GREAT plum tree here in Northern Colorado. I had an amazingly productive Stanley plum tree in my 26 year garden that I had to leave in Boulder. Now I live in Fort Collins and have started again with another Stanley. It appears to be another very vigorous tree. I was happy to know that Stanley pollinated Rosi gauge! I have a Cambridge Gage plum tree that I planted last year, so eventually that will pollinate Rosy as well! The plums were smaller than Stanley’s plums but very delicious and I am excited to see this tree in full production for years to come! Thank you Raintree! I have many of your trees and bushes in my garden!

Tony T.
Rosy Gage™ European Plum tree

My tree showed up looking great and has been in the ground a couple of weeks. Its an awesome looking tree and is starting to leaf out nicely. Thank you

Renae M.
Rosy Gage in Maine

Great flavor and texture, one of my favorite European plums. The fruit are prone to rain-cracking and brown rot. Tree size is small and easy to manage. Bears consistently each year.